Heavens Gate Audio - 20 years of Excellence  


Heavens Gate Audio is the result of more than 25 years of experience in metallurgy, acoustics, physics and -- last but not least -- listening to music. The conductor materials and shapes, the constructions and alignments, the shielding methods and the manufacturing processes are all proprietary designs of Heavens Gate Audio and its chief designer.

High frequency noise, when it 'enters' a cable, can and will affect the audio frequency range and interfere with an analog or digital audio signal. The most common noise, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), affects a cable directly in the audio range. RFI presents itself as hiss in the audible range.

Another source of noise is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Whenever electricity passes through a conductor, it produces inductance that creates an electromagnetic field. Because EMI manifests itself at a high frequency, it is commonly believed not to interfere with the audible range of frequencies. However, all frequencies demonstrate harmonic structures. Even if the cause of EMI is outside the audible range, the lower harmonics of EMI often present themselves within the audible range. At the very least, EMI causes degradation of audio frequencies.

All Heavens Gate Audio cables employs the circuitry of a Passive Network that is build by using a very complex hand-made conductor alignment in combination with an unconventional use of silver shielding.

The Triple-C Design stands for Center-Core-Construction and addresses two major goals Heavens Gate Audio had worked on for years:

     - perfect rejection AND elimination of high-frequency noise
     - a more flexible and easier to install design of the Heavens Gate Audio cables

The idea behind the Center-Core-Construction is a network that eliminates any sources of high-frequency noise that may effect the audio signal in a cable without getting into trouble with cable capacitance or inductance.

The higher the line of a Heavens Gate Audio cable, the more sophisticated the network circuitry becomes. Unique wire-weave patterns and the use of the finest materials available contribute further to the unsurpassed sound of our products.

While some manufacturers believe, that high-purity copper conductors are the best material for audio appilcations, there are others who prefer pure silver conductors.

Heavens Gate Audio employs special-made conductors of silver-gold-alloys, silver-copper-alloys and 4Nsilver in a unique combination to manufacture our products.

I took us many years to develop materials that are - compared to pure silver - not be the best conductive materials available, but that offers properties that are more important than conductivity. The electromechanical resonance behavior of this material is second to none!

For the Ultra Silence Series, the conductors are cryogenic treated and for the Ultra Extreme Series magnetically corrected. The application of magnetical correction is - as far as we know - unique in the audio industry.

All connectors employed on our products are choosen for best sound quality and are manufactured for greatest conductance and contact stability. The combined result puts the Heavens Gate Audio philosophy into practice by achieving a dramatically lowered noise floor, maximal dynamic range, and the ultimate in information retrieval.

The quality craftsmanship of Heavens Gate Audio audio cables allows us to extend a life-time and transferrable warranty to the registered owner.

Heavens Gate Audio products are far away from mass-production -- everything is done by hand in limited but high-quality small scale production.