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Heavens Gate Audio offers several product series in order to meet the requirements of any audio system, any audio component configuration or the preferences of any listener. To keep it simple: The best solution for any possible scenario.

While some manufacturers believe, that high-purity copper conductors are the best material for audio appilcations, there are others who prefer pure silver conductors.

Heavens Gate Audio employs special-made silver-gold-alloys, silver-copper-alloys and pure-4N-conductors to manufacture the Heavens Gate Audio products.

With ten different digital sources in a given price range, ten preamplifiers, ten poweramplifiers and ten speakersystems, you will get 10,000 different audio systems - without considering different listening rooms. And there should be just ONE audio cable manufacturer offering solutions best for all these systems? Believe it or not: The simple answer is YES!

Depending on your components and your speaker system, your listening environment, your personal taste and last but not least your budget, you can choose your Heavens Gate Audio product to achieve the best possible sound experience from your system.

The differences between the product series are the amount of conductors and silver shieldings used to manufacture the cable and thus the number of passive filter elements that work in the cable.

Audio cables are the arteries of any audio/video system. Music and digital data travel from one component to the next and the accurate and unaffected transfer of this signal is critical to the performance of your system. Whether analog, digital, or power -- Heavens Gate Audio's products maintain the signal’s integrity from beginning to end, providing the most accurate and musical performance ever possible. If you are really serious about listening to music there is no other choice but to try a Heavens Gate Audio cable.