At Heavens Gate Audio, our network of authorized dealers consists of selected, trained and specialized retailers and dealers who maintain the necessary knowledge about high-end audiosystems and our products in order to serve you in a manner that is as unsurpassed as our products are. When considering the purchase of Heavens Gate Audio products, it is important that you do so from an authorized dealer for several reasons. In case you are buying a used Heavens Gate Audio product second hand, it is important that you receive the Certificate Of Authenticity or an invoice from the seller.

Heavens Gate Audio products are only covered by warranty if it has been purchased from an authorized dealer and when a Certificate of Authenticity together with an invoice is attached to the product.

Heavens Gate Audio may develope new technologies in future. Whenever possible, we offer an upgrade to registered customers. Products cannot be upgraded by our factory if it has not been purchased from an authorized dealer or if purchased second hand, if it is not accompanied by the Certificate Of Authenticity .

We assume that the last thing you want when putting together a high-end audio/video system is to purchase and install an inferior product. Unauthorized Heavens Gate Audio dealers may try to sell you fake products with incredible, too-good-to-be-true discounts.

A complete list of dealers and distributors is not available at the moment, please send an email to us mentioning your address and we will inform you about the dealers close to you: