Support & Service:

Without question, the most valuable asset within our company are our customers. You might hear that a lot from more than a few companies, but at Heavens Gate Audio, it is something we live and breath every single day of the year. Customer service has no holidays at Heavens Gate Audio. We are among a small handful of manufacturers who believe in spending inordinate amounts of time and energy to make sure every customer is treated with respect and dignity.

To be honest: We have had some service problems in the past. Shipments and warranty issues (yes, we have them, too...) took longer than expected, answering inquieries took a week or so and trying to reach us py phone ended at our answering machine. This was, because we have been underemployed for quite some time. We have changed this dramatically by increasing the number of people working at Heavens Gate Audio.

Today, every single employee at Heavens Gate Audio is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make our customers or potential customers as happy as humanly possible. If, for any reason, you feel that you have not received this level of service from any Heavens Gate Audio team member, please drop us a note and we’ll take immediate action.

In case your Heavens Gate Audio products needs service for whatever reason, please contact us by mail, email, phone or fax and we'll take care of it.