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Heavens Gate Audio
Product Range

Ultra Supreme Gen. II

Launched together with the Ultra Silence Gen. II, this series offers a combination of excellent performance, superb value for money and a large range of cable types.
Designed for those music lovers looking for nothing but the best, but with a limited budget, the Ultra Supreme Gen. II Series uses our unique LCS silver-copper alloy conductors in various matrix-alignments depending on the cable type.
Special shieldings minimises electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise.
The purity of the conductors and their dielectric’s quietness,the construction and the fine craftsmanship result in a very clean and open sound, unexpected at this price level.

Ultra Silence Gen. II

Designed for excellent performance, this series offers a choice of analogue and digital interconnects, loudspeaker, and power cables.
The Ultra Silence Gen. II series employ HGA’s superb LCS silver-copper conductors and LCS silver-gold conductors - both aligned in handmade matrix-alignments.
The excellence of our metallurgy, the alignment of the conductors in this range and the unique shielding technologies result in an even quieter and more transparent sound experience.

Ultra Extreme Gen. II

The Heavens Gate Audio design team spent a substantial amount of time and effort to research the most effective and innovative materials and constructions for high performance audio cables.
The culmination of this research and 25 years of experience has led to the introduction of the Ultra Extreme Generation II Series - a reference series that delivers the highest level of system performance available.
The Ultra Extreme Generation II Series can be called the most advanced line of audio cables that has ever been designed by Heavens Gate Audio. It features the unusual talent to be highly valued by the sticklers of digital audio as well as analog enthusiasts.
Through the utilization of our unique silver-gold / silver-copper and pure 4N-silver-conductors insulated with Air-Foam-PFA, this series represents the finest in music signal transfer.
It also implements an unsurpassed complexity of shielding methods and passive filter networks.
The plugs used for the Ultra Extreme Generation II Series offer Oxygen Free Copper contacts, silver plated and rhodium plated.
The Ultra Extreme Generation II Series truly creates a stunning level of performance in transparency, timbre, precise imaging, micro- and macro-dynamic freedom, detailed bass sounds and articulation that is unprecedented within any other audio cable.